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Every day, we are dedicated to delivering our customers the perfect diamond grading report in the easiest possible way. We expedite the grading reports through our partners straight to consumers, offering them the highest level of security and accuracy.

We constantly challenge ourselves, to innovate, seek out new sources of inspiration and strive for perfection, so that our customers know exactly what kind of diamond they possess, which in turn gives them peace of mind.


Diamond Lab

HRD Antwerp's primary shareholder is the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). The AWDC is a private foundation established in 1973 as the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) or Diamond High Council and represents the Belgian diamond industry.
HRD Antwerp is Europe’s leading authority when it comes to diamond grading, and draws on 570 years of experience passed down through Antwerp’s diamond trade. An HRD Antwerp grading allows any consumer to purchase diamonds or jewellery in full confidence.

Quality that inspires confidence

The integrity of the HRD Antwerp grading process is absolute. Our diamond lab applies an uncompromising operating code which it supports by using some of the most sophisticated technology and qualified graders available. HRD Antwerp's extensive in-house research department makes sure all processes are updated according to the latest industry developments.

Strict anonymity and objectivity

The absolute objectivity of the grading results is guaranteed by means of a double coding system: one set of codes is given to the owner, while the other follows the diamond in the lab. Strict anonymity guarantees strict objectivity.

Data availability

Are you looking for a specific HRD Antwerp certificate? A digital copy of every certificate, grading and jewellery report issued after January 1st 2005 is kept on file for 10 years. Check your certificate or report on My HRD Antwerp


People & culture

People and Culture

Our people are our most precious asset. Thanks to their dedication and persistence we are able to provide satisfying results that meet the consumer expectations. We try to provide our employees with a challenging and stimulating work environment, essential in the process of satisfying consumers and partners.

HRD Antwerp's highest standard of authentic European quality guarantees our reliability. HRD Antwerp has representative offices in Antwerp, Hong Kong, Shangai, Istanbul, Mumbai and Surat.

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