Portable cordless microscope



Portable cordless microscope

When attending a tender or visiting one of your suppliers, you might just have that single business opportunity to buy an exceptional parcel of rough or polished diamonds. But when decisions are to be made quickly, you might find it difficult to base your judgment on the sole basis of your experience, even with the aid of a magnifying glass. The Tender-Scope is a sophisticated tool to help you assess the quality of the diamonds you are about to purchase in confidence.

Technical specifications

  • Weight: only 2kg
  • Dimensions: 12 x 23 x 32 cm
  • Zoom: 2 positions, 10x and 30x
  • 45° inclined binocular stereo body with 360° rotation
  • Good depth of view and high resolution power lens
  • Excellent alignment ensures a fatigue-free, long viewing
  • Dioptric adjustment for ± 5mm is possible with the left
  • Smooth and accurate focusing with rack and pinion focusing mechanism with built-in slip clutch system and safety stop at the lower end of traverse. Adjustable tension control is a standard.
  • Illumination: built-in transmitted adjustable light source and upper light source
  • Lockable black contrast plate and locked-in pair stage clips
  • Power supply by mains or rechargeable batteries
  • The microscope works ± 10 hours on a full charge
  • Manipulation of the stone by means of (removable) tweezers

Standard with each Tender-Scope set:

  • 45° inclined binocular stereo body
  • WF 10x eyepiece, pair - Turret objective 1x 3x
  • Eyecup, pair - Dust cover
  • Very handy aluminium travel case


Features & benefits

Incorporated light source

The Tender-Scope has been developed by HRD Antwerp and is an indispensable tool to assist you when purchasing diamonds on location. It provides greater magnification then a loupe x10 and is equipped with a light source.

Easy to carry

Tender-Scope is a small, lightweight, portable and easy to install microscope working on rechargeable batteries. The must have tool to help you make the right decisions on site!

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