The accurate solution for a perfect cut



The accurate solution for a perfect cut

HRD Antwerp has an extensive experience in researching, examining and grading diamonds which we fully used during the development of our own analysis tool: the diamond microscope D-Scope. This tool has constantly been evaluated and refined throughout the years in order to optimise the analysis of diamonds.

Technical specifications

Morgana's basic unit is a set for tang-calibration, consisting of:

  • A table-unit with camera for facet adjustment
  • A unit with camera for grain-axis-adjustment
  • Tang mirrors
  • A tool for calibration
  • An angle setting control instrument
  • A control unit and screen


Features & benefits

Innovative technology

The innovative Morgana technology is based on the reflection of a light beam on a surface. Its high-tech system uses a set of cameras, light beams and calibration parts. The camera generates a light beam, which is reflected by a flat surface. This reflection is shown as a point on the screen and its relative position accurately represents the relative angle of the reflective surface.

Easy but accurate alignment

Up until now, diamond polishers commonly use levels to align tang plates and tangs. A perfect alignment of the polishers' equipment takes hours and tons of experience. Today, HRD Antwerp offers a new solution: Morgana. Morgana is a complete set of tools that helps the diamond polisher to align his polishing equipment with ease, saving time and effort.

Online check of grain-axis alignment

For this application, the camera is set in a holder on the bench above the polisher's tang, which needs to be equipped with a tang mirror. Every time the tang mirror is passing under the camera, the polisher can check the inclination of the grain-axis and adjust if necessary. When the inclination is 'nil', this means the desired facet angle is achieved.

Tang plate alignment set

The tang plate alignment set is a set of tools that will help the polisher to bring the tang plate on the same waterlevel and in the same plane as the polishing wheel (the scaife). It is additional to the basic unit, which requires perfect alignment of the tang plate.

  • Control the flatness of the scaife
  • Level tang plate and scaife
  • Adjust scaife height
  • Check overall alignment of tang plate and scaife
  • Calibrate all polishing benches

Morgana helps the polisher to:

  • Align the tang plate(s) on the mill according to the scaife
  • Align facets to the scaife
  • Align the grain axis perpendicular to the scaife
  • Tilt the facet very accurately in a predetermined angle
  • Check the setting of the stone in the tang
  • Check the angular scale of the tang

Multiple advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • No size limits
  • Quick procedures
  • Prepare benches and tangs in no time
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