EOS Fancy
EOS Fancy

EOS Fancy

The perfect girdle for all shapes, always


EOS Fancy

The perfect girdle for all shapes, always

A perfect girdle is the very foundation of a well cut stone. In today's challenging market, the quality requirements for both round cuts as well as fancies are increasingly becoming more demanding. The EOS Fancy bruting machine has been developed by HRD Antwerp and WTOCD to deliver a superb girdle quality, over and over again.

Technical specifications

  • All convex shapes and therefore all fancy shapes can be bruted
  • Perfect symmetry of the girdle
  • Very high accuracy of desired shape
  • No beard risk
  • Eliminates cleavages and holes without outbreak
  • Risk stones can be bruted


  • Dimensions: L 605 x H 640 x D 640mm
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Temperature: min. 5° - max. 30° feeding


  • Dimensions: L 300 x H 400 x D 190mm
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Voltage: 230V - 50/60Hz


Features & benefits

Superior quality

Say goodbye to common problems like bearding, chipping or breakage.

Zero deviation

Equipped with a state of the art motion controller, the EOS Fancy confines deviation on the symmetry to zero.

Multi-shape bruting

In addition to bruting curved shapes (round fancies), the EOS Fancy also delivers straight shapes like emerald, princess or radiant.

High compatibility

Transfers from all major producers of rough scanners to EOS Fancy are supported.

Increased productivity

The whole process is controlled through the EOS control software allowing just one person to operate multiple machines.

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Request a Demo

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