The indispensable analysis tool for all diamonds



The indispensable analysis tool for all diamonds

HRD Antwerp has an extensive experience in researching, examining and grading diamonds which we fully used during the development of our own analysis tool: the diamond microscope D-Scope. This tool has constantly been evaluated and refined throughout the years in order to optimise the analysis of diamonds.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 220V (for countries with 110V a special adaptor is supplied)
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Nominal power consumption: 100mA
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Surface of use: 22 x 42 cm (w x d)
  • Height in lowest position: 50cm
  • CE approved


Features & benefits


By using a special light source, Avalight, one can visualise the surface finish of a facet with very high contrast. Polishing lines can be observed more easily with this light source than with a classical light source. This method makes the grading of stones out of the tang much easier. By putting a facet in reflection with Avalight, the smoothness can be observed instantly.


The D-Scope was developed for intensive use. So ergonomics and ease of use were very important in the design. The D-Scope is easily adjustable in height and inclination, so the individual user can assume a comfortable position.

High Quality Optics

Stereo zoom microscopes provide the ability to see fine details in 3D. The optical excellence allows a better, faster and more reliable identification, analysis and measurement. The long working distance permits easy manipulation of the inspected stones. All optics are available in binocular and trinocular format. In case of a trinocular type, the third lens hole can be connected to a digital camera, allowing you to make pictures of your stones. All optics are standard equipped with 10x oculars. Other oculars and additional lenses are available on request.

Transmitted light

For examining rough diamonds we have developed a special sorting support with built-in LED illumination. The support is placed, instead of a vacuum gem-manipulator, over the darkfield illumination so both lightings can be used. Rough diamonds are manipulated by hand, but it is also possible to install magnetic tweezers or an XY stage on the sorting support.

Combi graticule kit

The combi graticule combines the use of the HRD Antwerp graticule, for determining the size and depth of inclusions, with those of the graticule for measuring proportions and for measurement angles of inclination.

Patented gem-manipulating system

The most important feature, next to the illumination, is the manipulation of the stone. HRD Antwerp was the first manufacturer in the world who came up with the idea to work with a special vacuum gem-manipulator. The vacuum, created by a pump integrated in the design, is lead through a small tube to a suction pad. This suction pad makes it possible to hold the stone and to move it in all directions without touching it. This allows to study stones from all sides without the view being obstructed.

Request a demo

Request a Demo

For more information, please contact us and make an appointment to visit the HRD Antwerp equipment shop for a personal demonstration.

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