Avalon +
Avalon +

Avalon +

The ultimate 'smoothness' check while polishing


Avalon +

The ultimate 'smoothness' check while polishing

As a result of todays increasing quality demands for polished diamonds, smoothness is becoming a vital diamond quality characteristic. Intelligent automation can provide accurate and consistent information on the polish grade. The 'Avalon +' has been developed to help polishers in consistently meeting the requirements of today's diamond grading.

Technical specifications

  • A sharp and high resolution image
  • Minor internal reflections disturbing the image
  • No dust on the optical system, because an airflow is created inside-out
  • A colour coded evaluation of the visibility grade of polishing lines
  • Extra facet measurements to improve production
  • The polisher can rely on the images:
    • The stone can stay in the tang until the surface is polished to the required quality
    • Corrections can be done immediately
    • No waste of production time due to insufficient 'zoeting'
    • Less rejects from the grading department
  • Excellent tool for training and educational purposes
  • No limits in size for polishing grading
  • Two versions for facet measurements:
    • Model 1 for stones up to 10ct
    • Model 2 for stones up to 1ct
  • PC required with NVidia graphic card (min. Geforce to be specified)
  • Flat screen required Full HD (1920 x 1080) (min. size: 21,5")
  • Can be built-in in Pendragon-bench Dimensions: 332 x 147 x 142 mm Weight: ± 10kg Power supply: 230V, 50/60Hz


Features & benefits

Objective standards

The varying viewing conditions between graders and polishers may lead to inconsistencies in the evaluation of the polish grade, frequently sparking vivid discussions between graders and polishers. With the Avalon +, a discussion on the polish grade is no longer an issue as all is objectively measured.

Instant visualisation

Smoothness can be observed by the polisher during the polishing process and without having to remove the stone from the tang, which allows him to intervene immediately when necessary.

Increased efficiency

To minimise the polisher's subjectivity when assessing a diamond's smoothness, Avalon + allows facet's smoothness to be objectively measured and colour graded according to the HRD Antwerp standards for polish grade.

Facet measurements

Avalon + is also equipped to perform facet measurements. Unlike other measuring tools, the Avalon + uses a plane through the girdle as reference for its measurements. This implies that the girdle has to be perfectly round and parallel to the table.

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