Winner and finalists of the HRD Awards 2015 revealed during grand prize ceremony in Antwerp

Winner and finalists of the HRD Awards 2015 revealed during grand prize ceremony in Antwerp

02 November 2015

Photo: "Rice Husks" by Tomoko Kodera appointed Winner of the HRD Awards 2015

On Thursday October 29th, Peter Macken, CEO of HRD Antwerp,  Ludo Van Campenhout, Vice Mayor of Antwerp, Governor Cathy Berx en Richard Shen, CEO of Tesiro, presented the winner of the 17th edition of the HRD Awards. The gala event took place in The Shop in Antwerp and was hosted by Véronique De Kock.

The HRD Awards is the world’s leading biennial diamond jewellery contest organized by HRD Antwerp.  It aims to foster creative talent while extending the limits of contemporary diamond jewellery design.

The HRD Awards provides a platform for up and coming jewellery designers to gain international exposure and promotes diamonds and diamond jewellery worldwide.  Due to the support of  both Antwerp based as well as international  diamond companies, designers were given the opportunity to work with diamonds.

For the 2015 edition of the HRD Awards, HRD Antwerp invited designers to find inspiration with their own culinary heritage in order to produce brilliant diamond jewels. Out of a record number of 1531 entries,  a jury of industry experts selected 29 designers who had the opportunity to put their design into production.  These designs have also been on display in the Belgian Pavilion at the World Expo in Milan.

Highlight of the evening was the announcement of the winner and the four finalists. Tomoko Kodera from Japan was awarded the first prize and 10.000$ for “Rice Husks” a brooch containing 400 handmade rice husks. The other finalists are Shu Liang, from China, Evi Bakker from the Netherlands, Freeman Johnson from China. Sancha Livia Resende from Brazil was the winner of the public voting award. All four finalists received a prize of 2500$.

Main sponsor of the HRD Awards is TESIRO, an international renowned Chinese jewellery company. Recently Mr Shen, CEO of TESIRO, was also honoured with the "Officer in the order of Leopold” decoration in merit of his significant personal contribution in regards promoting the Belgian diamond heritage in China.

“TESIRO is dedicated to the promotion of Belgian Cut diamonds. The sales of our exclusive Blue Flame diamond which have been developed in Antwerp is breaking all sales records within the Chinese jewellery industry. The HRD Awards certainly contributes to bringing more brilliant ideas to the Chinese and the world jewellery industry”  said TESIRO CEO Richard Shen.

“Consumers worldwide are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of quality and authenticity, especially when it concerns buying diamond jewellery. Quality and authenticity is exactly what HRD Antwerp is promoting through its diamond grading reports and jewellery reports.  The introduction of the HRD Awards will help us to further develop our business opportunities, by opening doors and connecting by means of the magic of diamond jewellery“ concludes Peter Macken, CEO of HRD Antwerp.

TESIRO is an internationally renowned jewellery company very active in promoting the Belgian diamond sector. TESIRO currently operates more than 500 stores in China. TESIRO’s internationally renowned diamond cut “Blue Flame” is the result of a close collaboration between Antwerp and China. Every “Blue Flame” diamond comes with an HRD Antwerp Certificate and is exclusively sold by TESIRO in China.

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