Our equipment department commercialises the sophisticated systems and devices that are conceived, designed and fine-tuned in the laboratories of HRD Antwerp. These instruments are brought to the market for the benefit of the diamond industry and trade, both in Belgium and around the globe.


The Full Range

Innovation, quality, user-friendliness and service are keywords in HRD Antwerp's business strategy. Our products include highly specialised microscopes, cutting machines and devices that can efficiently screen for treated and synthetic diamonds.


NEW: D-Tect

The D-Tect is the best possible solution for the final and very crucial step in the detection of lab grown diamonds. All referred stones that require further testing after being screened by the M-Screen+, or any other screening device, can be examined using the D-Tect.

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The D-Screen is a portable diamond screening device specifically developed by HRD Antwerp. It distinguishes stones that are not laboratory grown (synthetic) or HPHT colour enhanced, from stones that are potentially laboratory grown or had their colour improved by means of HPHT.
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Alpha Diamond Analyzer
The Alpha Diamond Analyzer has specifically been developed for diamond detection, diamond type classification, screening HPHT-colour enhanced, colourless diamonds and screening synthetic colourless diamonds.
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M-Screen +

The M-Screen automatically feeds, screens and sorts round brilliant diamonds at a super speed of minimum 3 diamonds per second or 80 à 100 ct per hour. Depending on the size of the stones and the size of the batch, the speed can be as high as a staggering 15.000 diamonds per hour.


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NEW: D-Scope+
The D-Scope+ is the new version of the D-Scope, the indispensable analysis tool for all types of diamonds and gemstones since 2001. Every aspect of the D-Scope has been further optimized in the D-Scope+, offering not only the best, but also the most innovative diamond analysis experience on the market.
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HRD Antwerp has an extensive experience in researching, examining and grading diamonds which we fully used during the development of our own analysis tool: the diamond microscope D-Scope. This tool has constantly been evaluated and refined throughout the years in order to optimise the analysis of diamonds.
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Avalon +
As a result of todays increasing quality demands for polished diamonds, smoothness is becoming a vital diamond quality characteristic. Intelligent automation can provide accurate and consistent information on the polish grade. The 'Avalon +' has been developed to help polishers in consistently meeting the requirements of today's diamond grading.
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When attending a tender or visiting one of your suppliers, you might just have that single business opportunity to buy an exceptional parcel of rough or polished diamonds. But when decisions are to be made quickly, you might find it difficult to base your judgment on the sole basis of your experience, even with the aid of a magnifying glass. The Tender-Scope is a sophisticated tool to help you assess the quality of the diamonds you are about to purchase in confidence.
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Nothing is more important than an accurate alignment of polishing equipment to achieve the so sought-after Triple Excellent diamond cut qualification. Perfect proportions, symmetry and polish are non-negotiable when selling a diamond at the best price. Morgana is a complete set of tools to help the diamond polisher align his polishing equipment perfectly.
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EOS Fancy
A perfect girdle is the very foundation of a well cut stone. In today's challenging market, the quality requirements for both round cuts as well as fancies are increasingly becoming more demanding. The EOS Fancy bruting machine has been developed by HRD Antwerp and WTOCD to deliver a superb girdle quality, over and over again.
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After machining a diamond with a laser, a black carbon layer covers the lasered surface. This layer makes it difficult to examine the internal features and colour of the stone. The Micro Blaster is a device developed by WTOCD (Technical and Scientific Research Center for Diamonds) which enables the removal of carbon residue with a minimal weight loss.
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HRD Antwerp Toolset
HRD Antwerp Toolset
The HRD Antwerp Toolset is a small poach which includes a diamond cleaning cloth, a colour card, stainless steel tweezers,  a mini gem calliper, a loupe (triplet 20.5mm 10x), a black diamond-marker, a borazon hardness tester and a scratching needle.  
Synthetic Industrial Powder Paste
Synthetic Industrial Powder Paste
This diamond powder paste is a special polishing blend of different powders and oils, used to smooth facets and achieving final excellent polishing quality. The small container contains approximately 80 cts. calibrated synthetic diamond powder-paste that has to be wiped on the clean polishing wheel.  
Balancer Set for Polishing Bench
Balancer Set for Polishing Bench
The Balancer-set is an instrument to visualize the un-balance on the polishing bench. This instrument is connected to a multi-meter which displays the value of the eventual non-balance. The Balancer knob is adjustable with inside magnets and creates a counter-balance to minimize, and even completely neutralize, the vibrations caused by the un-balance.


A dedicated team provides clients with a full-service package, including assembly, installation, training, after-sales service and support. Browse through our catalogue and we will help you find the instruments that fit your needs perfectly. Wherever you live, we deliver! For technical assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our Equipment Service at:

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